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Applied Kinesiology

In the l960’s, chiropractic physician Dr. George Goodheart founded the practice of applied kinesiology after observing that muscles correspond to specific organs and weak muscles indicate organ weaknesses. Applied kinesiology is a system of diagnosis that uses manual muscle testing to identify various organ dysfunctions in the body. The technique does not necessarily replace conventional forms of testing, as it can be used in conjunction with standard procedures, such as X-rays and blood tests. It is particularly valuable when a patient has symptoms of a problem that are not explained by medical tests.Applied kinesiology can be used to treat problems in a very early stage or to treat problems that conventional methods often fail to find, like chronic fatigue or environmental illness.Besides manual muscle testing for organ weakness, the health care provider may place certain foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs or homeopathic formulas under a person’s tongue and test for muscle strength. An immediate improvement indicates that the remedy will help correct the persons condition. Conversely, sustained weakness indicates that the remedy will not work. Applied kinesiology can also be used to test the effects of other noninvasive modalities including acupuncture, biofeedback and chiropractic adjustments.

Patient Stories

Ellie on environmental illness

I thought I might have had chronic fatigue or Lyme disease. I was always tired and depressed, and unable to keep up with my life. I had joint pains, digestive problems, depression—severe unwellness, as I put it. I started going to a lot of different doctors trying to determine the problem because I knew there was something wrong. I went to many traditional doctors who told me that my tests were good and that everything looked okay. They pretty much were saying that the problem was all in my head. But I was really in bad shape. And I was very frustrated and becoming desperate. I had heard about Dr. Silverman through a local health food store. I spoke to some of his clients who told me that they had chronic fatigue or Epstein-Barr and that Dr. Silverman had helped them. I made an appointment to see him because I was getting sicker and sicker.Dr. Silverman has a holistic and environmental approach. First, he would have me come in twice a week for three or four months and he would muscle test me for all my foods. Each time I would bring in IO to I2 foods and he would muscle test me to see whether or not the foods strengthened or weakened me. If the foods weakened me, I would eliminate them from my diet. In addition, he would have me bring in all of the products I used—face creams, deodorants, etc.—and he would test these as well. Right away, he tested the drinking water and determined that I must stay away from tap water, and drink only good filtered water. That made a very big difference because I actually had an accumulation of toxic metals in my system from the water. Another thing I learned was that my digestion was very bad, which prevented me from assimilating food properly.Homeopathic remedies worked very well for me. They helped to leach out the metals in my system and improve my ability to assimilate foods. Within a few weeks, I started feeling an improvement. That really lifted my spirits because I was feeling like nobody out there would be able to help me. With Dr. Silverman, I started to feel more and more encouraged and life just got betterand better.One of the most important things Dr. Silverman does, in my opinion, is go to your home and work environment, and muscle test you in that space.You could have a rug next to your bed, or you could be sleeping on a pillow or a quilt that outgasses chemicals and adversely affects your health. Don’t forget, you’re sleeping 12 hours a night in your bedroom, and if your surroundings are hurting you, it can have a severe impact on your system. Dr.Silverman helped me out with that.I started making more and more improvements to the point now where I feel that my health is good. If i feel I am slipping a little for whatever reason, I go in for a tune-up. If i am beginning to use some new products, I go to Dr. Silverman and he tests me. He says this is good and this isn’t. I just feel that I am on a much, much better track. My outlook is much more positive now. I am encouraged about facing the world in a dynamic manner. And it’s just great. I have more energy, no more joint pains, better digestion just general, all-over improvement.

Elaine on chronic pain and Lyme disease

I have been bothered with chronic pain for many years. It started when I was I7 and I’m 47 now, so thats 30 years. I’ye spent many years going to a lot of different doctors. They did the traditional things——x-rays and lab work— and everything always came back negative. I went for years without knowing what was wrong. About five years ago. I went to a rheumatologist. After ruling everything else out, he came up with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. That’s where a whole list of medications came in. I was taking loads of medicine which weren’t doing much good. They helped a little, but not very much. Somewhere around four years ago, I started to develop a lot of new symptoms other than just generalized body pain. New things like headaches and a sleep disorder started to come into play one at a time. My doctor suspected there might be Lyme, so he tested and it came back negative. From there, we just kept on treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.About January of this year, my pharmacist started to become very concerned about all the medications I was taking. They really weren’t having a very big effect. He had seen an ad for Dr. Silverman’s lecture, and it mentioned fibromyalgia, so he asked me I fl would like to go to the lecture. You get to a point in time where you think. Ill do anything. So we went to the lecture and listened, and most of the things he talked about were kind of foreign, like kinesiology, and homeopathic remedies. But he does a demonstration at the lecture. And that kind of convinced me that there were possibilities there.I made an appointment for that night and I started to see Dr. Silverman twice a week. A couple of weeks after I started to see him, he kept reminding me that one negative Lyme test really doesn’t mean that you don’t have Lyme.And I really had the classic symptoms of Lyme disease. So we decided to test again, and this time it came back positive.So right now, I’m being treated for Lyme disease, and I’m continuing to see Dr. Silverman two times a week. He realigns my spine. Each time I go, I take IO items with me to find out if they are making me weak or strong or whatever. And as you go along you take out the things that make you weak. He gives you things that makes you strong. I‘m taking nutrients for bone and tissue repair, arthritis and muscle pain and liver detox. I’m also taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement. And I do aerobic exercise every day, which really seems to help the pain a great deal. I’m about a month intotreatment for Lyme, which is Doxycycline. And I’m continuing to feel better. Compared to how I felt when I first went to Dr. Silverman there is less pain and few symptoms. I would say that probably the best thing is that I have a very dramatic increase in my energy level. I used to wake up in the morning and just drag through the day. Now I’m at a point to where I’m getting up and living each day. I expect that it’s bound to get better if l continue.

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