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Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry Your mouth is the gateway to your entire system. It is involved in every part of your total well-being. Biological dentistry takes this into account and is guided… Read More »Biological Dentistry


Biofeedback teaches relaxation skills to patients with a variety of problems in which stress plays a role. The modality uses instruments to measure certain functions of the body, such as… Read More »Biofeedback

Ayurvedic Medicine

This medical system has been used for thousands of years in India, and has recently gained popularity in the United States through lecturer and best- selling author Deepak Chopra. Ayurveda… Read More »Ayurvedic Medicine

Applied Kinesiology

In the l960’s, chiropractic physician Dr. George Goodheart founded the practice of applied kinesiology after observing that muscles correspond to specific organs and weak muscles indicate organ weaknesses. Applied kinesiology… Read More »Applied Kinesiology