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During the first month of life, newborns do not know that a world beyond themselves exists. As children grow, so do their interactions with the world. But in some instances,… Read More »Autism


Forty million Americans experience the painful, crippling effects of arthritic diseases. Of that number, about 16‘-million have osteoarthritis and 7 million are afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis. Many others suffer from… Read More »Arthritis

Applied Kinesiology

In the l960’s, chiropractic physician Dr. George Goodheart founded the practice of applied kinesiology after observing that muscles correspond to specific organs and weak muscles indicate organ weaknesses. Applied kinesiology… Read More »Applied Kinesiology


Introduction Anemia is a medical condition characterized by a deficiency in the hemoglobin content of red blood cells. An insufficient amount of hemoglobin diminishes the ability of the blood to… Read More »Anemia